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Hi there !

I´m Alina-Elise

About me

I am a 20-year-old Musician, Artist & hopeless Booklover.

Through many different projects and a lot of trial and error, I was given the opportunity to produce these projects and find my love for music and media projects.

I am still learning and growing with every new task – as my motto is “learning by doing”


my strongest skillset

Music production

Sounddesign, Composing & Editing

  • Customized mixing, mastering, & post-production techniques
  • Crafting arrangements, blending diverse elements
  • Music integration elevating marketing, event & multimedia content

Graphic design

Brand Creation, Logo Design & Creative brief analysis

  • Crafting unique brand identities with creative logos and color schemes
  • Designing memorable logos with strategic principles
  • poster design for captivating visual communication

Iròa – Journey to Amalaò

is a puzzle-adventure RP-Game that follows the main character Iròa on their journey to find their missing mother, which takes them on a path through four different lands & cultures, whose war once caused her disappearance.

Geiger Geigenbauer – Branding Concept

is a creative concept for an imaginary company of a violin maker. In addition to the design of a contemporary logo, a marketing strategy with music for a commercial with Solgan was developed.


is an interactive project for the BIX media façade, designed by me and my classmates in the 4th grade at the Ortweinschule Graz. A social media campaign encourages Graz residents to search for nature in the city of Graz and share it on Instagram. Every photo made the tree on the BIX media façade grow. For 50 photos a real tree was planted in Graz.

other featured Workpieces

Slide 1
Siehst du´s nicht ?
short movie

“Siehst du’s nicht?” (Can’t you see?) has been produced by me and many classmates as our “pilot-film” during our fourth year at the HTBLVA Ortweinschule film and multimediaart.

Slide 2

Endphase narrates the untold tale of one of the final massacres of World War II, shrouded in silence for 75 years. On the fateful night of May 2, 1945, 228 Jewish women, children, and elderly individuals were tragically slain in Hofamt Priel, a quaint village in Austria.

Slide 3
live show

The primary objective of the Gaffergala is to exhibit the array of projects crafted by students from the Film and MultimediaArt department at Ortweinschule Graz. These projects are assessed by a jury comprising alumni and current students, who also bestow awards.

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