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about me

I am a young artist and mainly focus on graphic works, music and project management. During my education, I had the opportunity to gain diverse experience in all areas of film and multimedia art, which sparked my hobby and passion for media projects. This wide range of skills allows me to implement creative ideas in different media formats and to organise and manage complex projects effectively.

To further deepen my expertise and develop professionally, I also decided to study online marketing. Through this degree programme, I am expanding my understanding of the digital aspects of the media industry and learning how to market creative content in a targeted manner. This combination of artistic creativity and technical know-how enables me to realise innovative and successful media projects and advance my career as a media artist.

Jingle for a commercial, that I composed during my internship at Klangkulisse (2020)

Thanks to my passion for music and my training in film and multimedia, a hobby developed into a passion and the desire to work in the media sector.

In addition to the many projects and the will to constantly further my education, I have become the person I am today.

My first attempts to compose music myself started during the lockdown in 2020. I was also able explore this field of study with professional tools during my internship at “Klangkulisse”.
Whilst my time at school I was able to design and implement many media projects and thus also found the connection to graphic design and marketing.

My first Composition with the creative name “First Song” (2020)