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Interactive marketing campaign

is an interactive project for the BIX media façade, designed by me & my classmates in my 4th year film and multimedia class at the Ortweinschule Graz. A social media campaign encourages Graz residents to search for nature in the city of Graz and share it as an Instagram story with the Kunsthaus Graz account.

the BIX media façade

shows the current status of all collected photos in the evening – each public account can share one story per day. At the end of the project, a tree for the city will be planted for every 50th photo in collaboration with the City of Graz’s Department for Green Spaces and Water!


The aim of #PICTREES is to discover and appreciate how much nature we already have in Graz and to work together to make the city even greener.

My Part

My main role in this project was to be responsible for the organisation and public relations. In addition to working in the team, I was responsible for coordinating contacts with the authorities of the city of Graz and the organisations responsible for planting the trees.

The work on the animation for the BIX and the creation of content for social media was divided up between colleagues, with me playing a role in organising and coordinating these tasks.