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Geiger Geigenbauer

branding concept

The advertising concept for Geiger Geigenbauer aims to break up the traditional image of the violin maker and emphasise the modern side of the craft. By integrating modern techniques and adapting to the needs of different customers, the company is to be positioned as an innovative and versatile business.

Logo Design

The logo shows a stylised violin, characterised by clean lines and a modern aesthetic. The contours of the violin are simplified and reduced to create a minimalist and contemporary look. The characteristic features of a violin are retained, such as the body, the neck and the scroll.

The lines are precise and geometric, emphasising the company’s craftsmanship and technical expertise

Giving the Brand it´s Identity

To give the brand its own personality and a distinctive brand identity, the slogan and the music – especially the jingle – play a prominent role. The jingle was composed with the aim of harmoniously combining traditional craftsmanship and the contemporary needs of customers. It serves not only to build strong customer loyalty, but also as a concise recognition feature for the brand.

Both the music and the logo are intended to communicate the fictitious company’s outstanding craftsmanship and unique selling point to customers. This creates a striking and memorable brand identity that makes the Geiger Geigenbauer brand unique and unmistakable.

Music, please

The jingle, i.e. the short musical signature tune, should reflect the duality of tradition and innovation in an acoustic way. Classical violin sounds are combined with the sounds of handcrafted tools to acoustically represent the production of a violin. This combination creates a unique soundscape that embodies the identity of Geiger Geigenbauer.

Musical Elements

The use of classical violin sounds anchors the brand in tradition and conveys a sense of authenticity and quality. At the same time, rhythmic elements and melodic variations are introduced, emphasising the innovative side of the brand and creating a modern atmosphere.